Does Zoloft cause headaches?

Suffering from headaches caused by Zoloft is not unusual, because this powerful drug causes chemical changes in the brains. These changes are relieve from anxiety and depression. But like some other drugs there can be side effects. If you have serious headaches you should also let your doctor know immediately.

Of course, Zoloft headaches are easily perishable. The body needs some time to get used to Zoloft at the beginning of the treatment of your anxiety or depression. However, if you are taking zoloft from 4-6 weeks, and you are still suffering from headaches, you must take all the necessary medical attention. Even if you are a marked with improvement in your mental state, you can try a different medication than zoloft to keep headaches away. However, there are a few other factors that may cause your headaches.

Zoloft alone can not cause your headaches. Several other factors contribute to headaches. Stress headaches can musculus through in your head and neck are always closely stiffening of them, when under stress. If stress is partly the reason for the headache, you not only the bank is concerned about drug issues. It is necessary to examine how well you handle stress. You may find that headaches disappear if you manage your stress correctly.

There is no better way to beat stress as a fact to overcome the so-called breath breaks. So, if you are feeling stress pressure try finding a room where you can lie and be alone, or try to deeply inhale and exhale for a couple of minutes. This should renovate the flat of your breath with fresh air and meet the brains of the needed fresh oxygen. Even if you do not suffer from a “Zoloft headache”, you should ease daily anxiety and depression with breathing pauses.

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